Industries served

Nitro Impact has provided solutions to different industries with our exceptional service delivery to both clients and customers.



Excellent customer experience is the eCommerce is arguably the most vital element in making a following of loyal customers. We’re providing an Australian eCommerce website with great customer service on their whole sales process. From prospecting and lead generation to after-sales service, the site’s customers are treated


Membership Retail

Lead generation and relationship management services designed specifically for this  industry player to ensure continuous influx of new shoppers and constant purchase and satisfaction of existing customers.



We profile prospective customers and coordinate logistics to schedule surveys, installations and maintenance of customer homes for a domestic energy company in the United Kingdom.


Financial Services

Customers are guided step-by-step in obtaining personal and business loans to a multitude of providers aided by a Financial Institution who is our client in this field. Lead generation is also one of the key services we provide them.



Our company handles the marketing and order-taking aspects as well customer care for an international healthcare enterprise. We have developed a great relationship with this partnership and  have been continually credited for the firm’s sustainability in their sales and customer retention growth.



We help a UK-based firm’s customers and ensuring the coverage of their insurances are evaluated and properly enforced. It is essential to build a relationship with the policy-holders to have a certain comfort-level in disclosing intimate personal details.